Just a little journey about nutrition, sport, family and life in general.

Hello and welcome! I am a sports dietitian working in high performance sport at ACT Academy of Sport, Australia. I work predominately with athletes who compete in the Olympics, Paralympics and Commonwealth Games. In addition to this I have performed sports consultancy roles with:

  • South East Sports Academy
  • South Coast Surf Academy
  • AFL Rising Stars Women’s Academy
  • Swimming Australia
  • Swimming ACT/NSW
  • Canberra Calvary Baseball
  • Rowing ACT
  • Netball ACT
  • Eastlake Football Club (AFL)
  • Canberra United Football Club (soccer)
  • Hockey ACT
  • Cycling ACT
  • Basketball Australia
  • Basketball ACT
  • Athletics ACT
  • Football Nation Radio
  • ABC Canberra Radio

Sports is my main area of expertise however it doesn’t take up 100% of my working life. I also work with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) with people with varying levels of physical and intellectual ability throughout the ACT.

These 2 jobs combined give me great insight into the human population. I go from the elite athletes who are often, but not always, high functioning members of society, to the disabled community who struggle to fit into society and find their place in life. I’d argue that every person contributes to society in their own unique way regardless of ability level, it is society who views people in different ways and judges them based on their ability and contributions. Something I’d like to see change as society grows and learns that every person is valuable. Some of my greatest learning have come from the disabled sector and the barriers they face.

That’s my working life in a nutshell.