My personal life is quite a story, as is everyone’s. Life certainly throws curve-balls that’s for sure. I have 2 beautiful kids so my family experience also helps guide me as a dietitian. I know the dilemma’s of trying to get kids to eat their vegetables, I understand how difficult dinner times can be, I know time management for working families is a huge barrier to nutritious meals and I understand how difficult it is to find time for yourself, whether that be to exercise or to simply lie in a hammock, time management is so important for healthy lifestyles (both mental and physical).

I love surfing. You might pick up on this throughout my website! My dream job is to work with surfers and I’m working on making this a reality. There are many other sports that I also love but surfing definitely takes the cake. The photo at the top is me, my baby girl and my surfboard. Multi tasking on my way to the beach.

Thanks for visiting and listening. I appreciate you and hope to make you smile.